Our network offers
exclusive perks with a
streamlined experience
and no hidden fees.

The Fait Buying Group's perks and partnerships complement the needs of your practice. Leverage your buying power.
Being independent and doctor-owned allows us to make decisions that are best for you.
Regardless of whether you are independent, multi-location, part-time, or affiliated with a National Alliance, the benefits to your practice remain the same. We deliver the ease, value, and experience that allows your practice to thrive.

Vendor Discounts, Return Privileges, and Rewards

The network of more than 100 optical vendors gives you access to discounts, patient management software, marketing services, selling tools, optical labs, and frames, just to name a few.
We work with the most trusted vendors in the industry.

Friendly Return Policy

When your return is processed through your Fait Buying Group account number, your credit can be applied to ANY optical goods from our inventory.
We don’t limit your return credit to products from the original manufacturer!
We’ll give you full credit on all qualifying returns*, and we’ll never charge you any restocking fees on soft contact lens returns. Your Fait Representative is always there to assist you – returns are easy!
*with questions on qualifying returns, just ask your Sales Rep.

Billing Made Easy $

We’ll keep things easy for you! All your purchases from all vendors will
appear on one monthly statement, without any administrative fees.
You can choose your payment method – check or ACH Account.

YourRewards Points Program

We appreciate your loyalty, and want to thank you for it.

When you meet the program requirements, you will earn 1% back on soft contact lens purchases, in the form of YourRewards points.

How can you redeem your accumulated YourRewards points?
  • Fait Credit - Redeem your points toward your monthly statement
  • Gift Cards – Redeem your points in the form of gift cards:
  • American Airlines, Starbucks, Target, Home Depot... and so many more!

Seeing it through.