Keeping your patients
ordering from your

You choose the products.
You set the prices.
Match your practice branding.

YourStore is truly... your store.
YourStore™ is an e-commerce solution for your practice, where patients can order contact lenses online directly from you. Modern, secure and mobile-friendly patients order conveniently from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Your practice can offer patients the care they deserve, that online retailers can't match. Gain the edge over the competition.

It's free with your Fait Distribution account!

Convenient. Complimentary. Customizable.

Each element of YourStore™ is fully customizable. With your logo and your practice colors applied, YourStore™ is truly YOUR Store.
Accessible from your website or social media platform, YourStore™ is designed to look just like an extension of your practice.

- You sell only the products you want
- You control all pricing — including tiered pricing
- Accommodations for multiple location practices
- Fait Tech Support available to assist you
- User-friendly experience promotes patient retention
- Direct-to-patient shipping cuts patient wait time

Powerful Reordering Tools

Stay in touch with the patients who leave your practice with less than an annual supply. Utilize these easy-to-use tools to help you maximize profits and prevent sales from slipping away to the online competition.
No log-ins. No Passwords. A simple "YES" confirms a patient's contact lens reorder.
Easy for them:
We'll check in at just the right time. Fifteen days before patients are set to run out of contacts, we will send a text reminder prompting them to reorder. They will simply say YES to confirm, NO to cancel, or SNOOZE and we'll send them a follow up text in five days.

Easy for you:
You don't have to do a thing — we automatically text them for you! That way, you can stay focused on your practice.

Text2Order is included with YourStore™
Helps sell annual supplies in-office, when patients cannot afford to pay all at once.
A contact lens subscription service where recurring contact lens orders are delivered straight to your patients' doorstep shipped to them at the frequency of their choosing.

Once you approve the order, we will automatically process the payment as each scheduled order is shipped out.

EyeSubscribe™ is included with YourStore™

Enrolling a patient in Text2Order or EyeSubscribe
is as easy as checking a box.

Patients can enroll in Text2Order or EyeSubscribe while placing their initial order on YourStore.
You can also enroll patients in either service before they leave your practice.

On the dedicated enrollments page, you can view, add, pause, or even cancel Text2Order or EyeSubscribe enrollments.

Seeing it through.